Book flights to Caribbean Carnival and Adventure in Paradise

The Caribbean is a collection of marvellous islands with stunning natural beauty, rich culture, and unique charm located in the Caribbean Sea. The Caribbean is the American region with more than 7000 islands grouped under Greater Antilles and Lesser Antilles. Some iconic islands that you can plan a visit are Cuba, Dominica, Cayo Romano, Cayo Coco, Grenada, Tobago, Bonaire, Marie Galante, Barbuda, Little Inagua, Popa island, La Orchila, Anegada, and so on other islands.

The key destinations that you can enjoy in this Caribbean area are the reggae music in Jamaica, stunning beaches in the Bahamas, iconic historical sites of the Dominican Republic, vintage charm of Cuba, mesmerising white sand beaches at Aruba, Carnival celebration at Trinidad, iconic beauty at Saint Lucia, lively nightlife of Aruba, and diverse culture at Tobago.

The Caribbean is the home of stunning beaches, underwater caves, natural pools, breathtaking rainforests, coral reefs, diverse marine life, and mesmerising waterfalls. This region is featured with volcanic landscapes grouped under active and dormant volcanoes.

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